Wednesday, November 23, 2011

And so it is...

"All is well." --From the closing prayer at Seattle Unity
Since having my epiphany on Monday about already knowing everything I need to know, I have been really focused on living those four truths. It feels like I have tapped into it in a new way and just in time too. 

My foot is not getting better. In fact, after a probably ill-advised, but desperately needed, hike last weekend and a couple of days chasing after the kids at the Great Wolf Lodge, it is worse than it has been since I first injured it. 

To add injury to injury, my son jumped down a flight of stairs at GWL and injured HIS left heel in what appears to be a freakishly similar way. We even have the same limp, a quaint little hop on the outside edge of our upper left foot.

When he did it, not five hours into a twenty-four hour stay, it was all I could do to hold it together and not start yelling or crying or just pull the plug on the whole thing and head for home. But the four principles of Kahuna healing served me in good stead, as did this little mantra: ALL IS WELL. 

Just keeping saying it to yourself until you believe it. 

Say it as the feelings come and go, rise and swell, ebb and flow. Say it as your heart pounds while driving in Thanksgiving weekend traffic in the pouring rain. Say it as you prepare to gather with friends and family who may or may not be on their best behavior. Say it when the unbelievable, the unwanted and the unasked-for worst happens to you or someone you love. 

You'll be amazed to discover that after awhile, all IS well.