Monday, November 21, 2011

All I Really Need to Know....

"1) You create your own reality. (Ike)
2) You get what you concentrate on. (Makia)
3) You are unlimited. (Kala)
4) Your moment of power is now. (Manawa)"
--From "Kahuna Healing" by Serge King

Lately I have been feeling like I need a literary hit. Like I need to delve into a REALLY good book - spiritual or otherwise - and just lose myself in it. The dark days of fall bring out a strong need in me to ESCAPE. But the perfect escape vehicle has eluded me and each time I pick up a book, I find that it doesn't hold my interest and I soon put it down again. 

Until today. Today I picked up "Kahuna Healing" by Serge King. It is a 27-year old book about ancient Polynesian healing wisdom. I got engrossed in his tale of how this wisdom first came to earth and how it spread to the cultures we now know as New Zealand, Hawaii, and Easter Island. So I was unprepared for the universal bitch slap I received when I read the first page of chapter two and discovered that the four key statements of Kahuna philosophy are as follows:

1) You create your own reality (Ike
2) You get what you concentrate on (Makia
3) You are unlimited (Kala
4) Your moment of power is NOW (Manawa)

I was left dumbstruck, mouth hanging open, mind boggled, heart sinking into my stomach. This was nothing new. It was the same old, same old New Age, New Thought philosophy. Except it was hundreds (thousands?) of years old. What???

I had to put the book down and process this "new" knowledge. The knowledge that there was really nothing new here and that what I have been seeking for the past eight years has been known for centuries and that I myself have known what I really need to know for years.  YEARS.

I found it both strangely comforting and inexplicably disturbing. It was as if I had discovered the key to life and then realized I had been holding it in my hand since the day I was born. 

And in a way, I have. It is in all of us, this ancient wisdom. It just gets buried underneath all of the crap our egos have created and piled on top of it. And when we discover it again, however and whenever that happens, it doesn't sink in right away. It has to sink in slowly, over a period of years or perhaps even lifetimes, through all those layers of junk and gunk.

All I really need to know I already know: Ike. Makia. Kala. Manawa.


  1. You've got it - we've all got it. Now if we'd only slow down and pay attention to what matters, right? Thanks for a great post, girl!

  2. Thank you for reading! Hope all is well in your world. Love to you!