Friday, January 7, 2011

Pennies from Heaven

"Everything is a gift [from] the Universe." 

--From the opening credits of Precious
Have you noticed the pennies? They are everywhere!

Once or twice a week I look down on the ground and see a penny lying there. It always makes me smile. As I stoop to pick it up I know that The Universe is watching out for me, reminding me that I will always be taken care of. 

Usually I put the penny in my pocket and carry it around for the day, feeling of it when I need a reminder that all is well. At night before I go to bed I put it in a special bowl I have for my pennies from The Universe. 

But sometimes the penny is a gift for someone else. 

A couple of months ago I found a penny on the way to work. At the end of the day a co-worker was short one penny in her drawer. I pulled the penny out of my pocket and gave it to her, knowing that The Universe had sent it to me for her. 

Last week I was walking the kids to school and one of the kids in our "walking bus" was having a tough day. As we walked he was sullen and keeping to himself, not running and playing with the other kids as usual. 

About half-way there I found a penny and as I bent to pick it up I noticed that he was watching me and his eyes lit up as he saw the penny in my hand. I offered it to him, and as I did he began to glow from the inside out, right there on the sidewalk. He started talking to me and had a skip in his step again. 

I like to imagine that receiving that penny changed the course of his whole day. 

In the scheme of things, a penny can seem like nothing, but sometimes a penny is all that is needed to change things in a pretty big way. 

May your life be full of pennies today and everyday!

Credit for this post goes to my sister, who is moving to New York City today with her beloved, and who first noticed the pennies and told me about them. May The Universe rain down pennies on you in NYC, sis. I love you!

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