Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Releasing Judgment

"The Holy Spirit would help you realize that what you are seeing in this other person is what you do not want to see in yourself."

I have taken down the post I originally wrote for today. It was about an encounter I had with fundamentalism in a religion of which I was previously a follower. 

No matter how much I edited it, it felt like I just couldn't get rid of the snark. And that is one thing I do not want for this blog - snark. 

I am tired of being snarky and sarcastic and pessimistic. I want to move into a space where I can be hopeful and optimistic and kind.

But the snark is still there. It's in me. After so many years how could it not be? 

So I guess this time I was a mirror for myself. I saw my own snarkiness and reacted negatively to it knowing that it was reflecting my own snarkiness back to me and showing me where I still have work to do. 

So, thanks, Self for helping me to see ME more clearly.


  1. Upliftment: try this on for size...

  2. Beautiful..."The truest religion is LOVE." Amen to that my brother.