Monday, November 22, 2010

3BT (Three Beautiful Things)

"Offer to those you love 3 simple moments everyday: AWARENESS-notice the beauty of each moment; WONDERMENT-let the beauty touch your heart; GRATITUDE-give thanks to God for the beauty you see."

--Father Daniel Syverstad

I stumbled upon this blog the other day called Three Beautiful Things. Every day Clare (the genius behind this blog) records three beautiful things that happened to her or that she saw the previous day. She has been doing this since May of 2004!

Can I tell you? I LOVE this!

And I want to be a part of it.

So here goes...Three Beautiful Things from a recent day in my life:

1) My son's face as he falls asleep: eyelids at half mast, mouth wide open with one big tooth hanging down in a vast empty space, lightly snoring.

2) Blue skies over Seattle when rain was predicted.

3) A just-ripe avocado with flesh like butter, peeled and eaten, slice after delicious slice.

What are yours?

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