Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Take the Banana

"If you say, 'No' to this do you know how many other things you are saying 'No' to?" --Philip McClusky, quoting a friend in his video, "Overcoming the Poverty Mentality"

On Saturday morning I went for a swim as I usually do except that I forgot to grab a banana on my way out the door. Doh!  

I knew I would be hungry after my swim, but I was running late so I took off, thinking I could just grab a smoothie after my swim.

In the locker room I ran into my neighbor who also swims on Saturday mornings. We went in, did our workout and finished up at almost exactly the same time.

As we rinsed off and got dressed, we chatted, and she said, "I am always so hungry afterwards. Sometimes I feel like I might pass out."

I said, "Me too. I usually eat a banana before swimming, but I forgot this morning so I am starving."

She then pulled a banana from her bag, peeled it, and offered me a piece.

Which I, of course, refused. 

And which, of course, puzzled her. I could see it in her look, "Why would she refuse to take a piece of my banana when she just said she wished she had a banana?"

Why? Because it's what I do. It's one of my things. An "area of growth" you might call it. I almost always say 'No' when someone offers me something I want.

I need to repeat that so even I can hear how crazy it sounds: "I almost always say, 'No,' when someone offers me something I want."  

So, yes, I know how crazy it sounds, but I didn't really know until I listened to this video called "Overcoming the Poverty Mentality," on New Earth Daily

As I listened, I recognized far more of myself than I would like to admit, especially the part about being open to receiving. I am not open to receiving for the most part. Not gifts, not money, not complements, not even a piece of a banana. 

As I thought about this - and meditated on this quote from the video - my throat tightened, my chest felt heavy and I felt sad. 

And I knew without a doubt that I have some work to do in this area. To open myself to receiving and to accept the gifts the Universe sends to me through others with grace and with gratitude. To take the banana.  

Because if I'm saying 'No,' to the banana I am sure there are countless other things I am also saying 'No' to that I am not even aware of.  

[BTW, Dear Soul Sisters was recently featured on this same website, New Earth Daily. Click here to see our first dose of Daily Inspiration!]

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