Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Open My Heart (Again)

"A cry comes from within, 'Open my heart!'"--The Koran

Yesterday I taught a workshop with my Dear Soul Sister, Jennifer Alhasa called "GET GLOWING for 20-12 and Write YOUR Year!" It is an intention-setting workshop designed to help you throw out the old and embrace the new this year. 

In the workshop we talked about what it means to GLOW, what are some obstacles to getting your GLOW on and some ways to let your GLOW show. If you would like to do the workshop in your own time and in your own space, click here to go to our website and follow along.

At the end of the workshop we asked each participant to chose a word that summed up what they want to manifest for the year. My word is OPEN. 

As in OPEN to the flow of life. OPEN to what shows up. OPEN to a plan different than mine. But also OPEN to the people around me. OPEN to more sharing. OPEN to deeper connections. OPEN to life. OPEN to love. 

Over the weekend I had an experience that changed the way I look at the world and the people in it and around me. Someone I thought I needed to keep at bay became a friend over a cup of tea. 

It came out of nowhere and it made me realize just how far I still have to go on my journey to enlightenment. How much I still judge and categorize and prejudice myself against others. It was another step on the path and I am grateful for it.

As I looked for a quote to go with this post today I did a search on the word intention and came up with this: 

"No intention is ever hatched in consciousness; no plan ever laid there. Intentions are premonitions that flash in the corner of consciousness to indicate what MAY BE about to occur. " --Guy Claxton, "The Wayward Mind" from Zero Limits by Joe Vitale

I think this is absolutely true about the words that we chose together yesterday. I believe that the words that spoke to us in the workshop were premonitions of what is to come for us this year.

But I also believe that they are manifestations of past intentions, set long ago, perhaps even in other lifetimes. I know mine is. 

When I searched my quotations database on the word OPEN I found a quote from April 15th 2008. It reads simply: "OPEN MY HEART" and is the "Life Purpose" that was revealed to me through an exercise from Dr Cat's Healing Handbook

Thus an intention set nearly four years ago is now coming to the fore, to be realized and made manifest in my life this year. 

I don't know exactly what this means or how it will look, but I am OPEN to it. 

I'd love to know: What is YOUR word for this year?

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