Wednesday, January 11, 2012

More on Not Knowing

"...[A]ccept the non-knowing. There’s great power in not knowing, some might say the greatest. It doesn’t mean ignorance, or tuning out, or losing your self-awareness. It simply means finding joy, not anxiety, in life’s inconsistencies and mysteries....." --Anna Pulley 

I love the way the Universe works. As I wrote my non-post for Monday (that I actually posted on Tuesday ;) a "real" post about not-knowing came to me. See how that works? Accepting that you don't know actually leads to knowing. And vice versa I am pretty sure.....

Anyway, this weekend we went to the beach with some friends. You know how experts have been saying for years that eventually California is going to fall into the ocean? Well, in parts of Washington State, including where a friend of ours has a cabin, this is actually happening. 

They call it Washaway Beach

As you walk along, you can see bits of cement and rebar, cabinets and port-a-potties, half-full bottles of soda and baby dolls stuck in the sand and houses hanging off the edge of the dunes, just waiting for the next storm to come and wash them away. 

It is sad and it is scary and, at the same time, almost a relief.

Somewhere deep inside of all of us is the knowledge that we aren't really in charge. That we aren't in control. That there is something - a force beyond our understanding - that calls the shots in this life. But most of the time we live in denial. 

We buy things. We make plans. We build houses. With the expectation that these things will last, that they are set in stone. 

But nothing is ever set in stone. Nothing in this life is permanent. There is nothing but not-knowing everywhere we look. And there can be great power in that, if we can simply find the joy in it. 

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