Friday, October 14, 2011

No matter what, the rain falls...

"Mostly, change is as inevitable as rain in the spring. Some of us just put on our raincoats and splash forward, some of us choose to stay home, a few admirable nuts shed their clothes and cavort in the yard, and some people go out and get deeply, resentfully, and miserably wet. And no matter what, the rain falls." --Amy Bloom in O magazine

No matter what, the rain falls. I love that. And truer words have never been spoken about fall in the Northwest. The rain falls, and it falls, and it falls...and then it falls some more. 

Sometimes at this time of year it seems impossible to make any progress, to get anything done. I start to eat more, exercise less and want to sleep ALL THE TIME. 

Nonetheless, life does go on. Dishes need to be washed, garbage needs to be taken out and laundry needs to be done. 

It also seems to be a time of great change. The weather, of course, is changing and because of that the clothes and shoes we wear are changing. School starts, so for many of us our schedules and routines change. The holidays start to loom so there is something new to focus on every month. 

A lot of changes are happening around our house this fall. And a lot of changes are happening in my writing life. Starting later this month I am teaching a class (would love for you to attend btw...) and my sister and I are starting to write a book together. I am also doing some writing for Verity Credit Union and have applied to be the next Verity Mom

So....a lot is happening. 

So far I have managed to keep up with TRO (the refrigerator oracle), but it hasn't been easy at times and I have not been as pleased with every post as I would like to have been. 

So (that's a lot of so's in a row :) as last year around the time of my blogaversary, this year I am making some changes to the format of TRO. Instead of posting three times per week with whatever strikes my fancy that day, I will be posting quotes whenever they come to me and then once a week (probably on Fridays) I will write a longer post about the week. What has been going on, what I have been working on, what I have learned and what quote or quotes have informed the week. 

My hope is that each post will be a meatier, juicier morsel of goodness to devour. Similar to some of my favorite posts like this one and this one and this one

I hope you will continue reading and sharing this journey to enlightenment with me. We've still got quite a ways to go I'm thinking! 

May you be one of the admirable nuts shedding their clothes and cavorting in the yard this fall!

[Don't forget my class, WRITE YOUR LIFE, starts this Friday. I hope you can join us!]

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