Friday, October 28, 2011

Divinely Reassigned

"I have been Divinely reassigned."  --Excuse from The Universe
I finally talked to my sister on the phone last night, a full 36 hours after our scheduled check-in by phone (we are going to be interviewed on the radio today about our advice column Dear Soul Sisters - click HERE for the replay). When I called her I led with, "Sorry it has been so much longer than we planned. Things just sort of....came up that didn't expect the past two days."

Without skipping a beat she said, "You mean you were Divinely reassigned?"

I had to laugh. That summed it up perfectly. "Yes," I replied, "I was definitely Divinely reassigned."

What ensued was a lively conversation in which we considered all of the possible senarios in which we might use this excuse. "I'm sorry I can't have a root canal today, I've been Divinely reassigned."

And who could argue with you? Saying you have been Divinely reassigned works on so many levels. First, for those of us who believe in a Higher Power, a Divine Universe assisting us behind the scenes, it is so often true. What we have planned is not what God has in mind for us that day and He/She makes no bones about it: THE PLAN HAS CHANGED.

Second, how exactly does one argue with someone else's Divine guidance? It's a bold, if not completely arrogant move, and not many would dare to go there.

Third, it just sounds good. Much better than, "I just don't feel like it today," "I'm sick," or even, "I'm just not that into you."

"I'm sorry, we won't be dating anymore, I have been Divinely reassigned to someone who treats me better and, oh yeah, has fresher breath."

It's fun to play around with this concept, but in all seriousness, how much easier would our lives go if we allowed ourselves to be more open to Divine reassignment? If we recognized that every plan we make, every date we pencil in (even in ink), every course we set is subject to Divine reassignment and met that not with wails of protest and mountains of resistance, but with a shrug, a laugh and a slight course correction.

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