Thursday, September 8, 2011

Place of Peace

"...[P]eace can only truly exist within [S]elf."
--Carol Barbeau from Astro Influences in Voice of Choices, August 2011

I didn't post this week on my usual days (Monday and Wednesday); it just didn't happen. Normally I would write something up quick and backdate it, but I am trying to find peace with what IS and to breathe into that space of peace that is inside mySelf. 

There is a lot going on in my world right now: kids starting back to school, an aging cat who may or may not need me to help him move on to his next incarnation, a lot of time to fill and a lot of things cropping up to fill that time. 

Normally at this time of year I would be feeling a lot of pressure ("pressed," my mother always called it, which is funny because it sounds like a nice clean white shirt with a stiff collar, but actually looks like the emotional equivalent of a shirt that has been left for too many days in the dryer and may never flatten out again), and on some level I am, but I am trying to keep it at bay. Trying to take one thing at a time and do the thing that needs to do done right now and only that thing, letting the others come in due time. It's not always easy, but breathing helps.

May you find that place of Peace within yourSelf this week and always.

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