Friday, September 23, 2011

How the Angels Roll

"Should you ever be in need of a miracle (you know, hypothetically, just "what if"), think not of the miracle, not even a little, but instead of its intended result."

--The Universe from

I LOVE these Notes from the Universe from that arrive in my mailbox daily. They are always fun and funny, witty and entertaining, and so often so right-on it's spooky. 

This one arrived on a day in which I had a phone call from a friend who had been out of town most of the summer. We were catching up and he was telling me about the squatter that had moved into his cabin while he was gone. He was laughing about it and not freaked out at all. 

I, on the other hand, was a little spooked. Here's why....

While he was gone he had let us borrow his cabin for the weekend. The weather was gorgeous while we were there (unlike most of the summer around here) and we had a wonderful time just relaxing, walking on the beach, lying around and playing in the sand. 

Needless to say a bit of sand ended up in the house. So I spent a good deal of time the last day cleaning up, making sure that we left no trace (of sand). I also cleaned the top shelf of the fridge because we had bought some seafood and it had leaked smelly water up there, and we left him some beer and chocolate for when he came back. 

After we left and had driven quite a few miles toward home, I started to get worried that perhaps the fishy water had leaked into another part of the fridge, a part I had not cleaned, and that it was going to sit there for the rest of the summer and get stinky. 

My monkey mind latched onto this and I started to think....maybe we should go back.....maybe I should come back next week and check....maybe it is going to stink up the whole place.....maybe it will ruin the fridge....I knew this could go on for the rest of the summer. I come from a long line of worriers and we can make something like this last for WEEKS. I also knew that I didn't want to spend the rest of my summer this way. 

So I took a couple of deep breaths, reminded myself that I did the absolute best job I could do in that moment (if I had thought of this before I would have cleaned the whole fridge) and asked the angels to watch over the cabin, to clean all the fishy water up for me or to keep it from smelling. I just asked the angels to help me with this situation and I left the HOW up to them. 

Fast forward a few weeks....I get off the phone with my friend and I start to laugh. The angels had helped me out! They sent the squatter!

He had made such a mess of the place that a little fishy smell - if it was even there at all - wasn't going to be noticed. I didn't need to worry. My friend wasn't that bothered by the squatter - he found it rather amusing and now had a good tale to tell. And a homeless man found a warm and comfortable place to sleep for a few nights. 

It wasn't what any of us would have chosen or asked for, but somehow it felt divine.

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