Monday, July 11, 2011

Remain Aware

"Remain aware of the wonders around you."

--Caryl Sherpa, author of I taste fire, earth, rain: elements of a life with a Sherpa

My life has been so full of juicy, memorable quotes as of late that I am having trouble choosing one for today. There are so many things I want to write about, talk about, blog about, think about, that I just can't decide where to begin.

I got this quote at a book release party that I went to with my mom kind of on a whim. We wanted to do something to celebrate Mother's Day together and there were three or four interesting events happening on the evening that we chose. This one fit our time frame the best, so we went, even though we knew nothing about the author or the book.

It was an enchanted evening from start to finish.

As we arrived, we were greeted by her husband (the sherpa in the title of the book) who handed us a cup of Nepali chai. Not usually one for chai, I hesitated before taking a sip. Then, "Ah-h-h-h-h...."

The chai was hot, sweet, creamy and absolutely delicious. I drank the whole cup, savoring every sip and was disappointed to find that it was gone when I went back later that evening for more.

Next there was dancing, by some of her Nepali friends. It was not polished or professional, but it was real and sweet like the chai.

Soon after, the reading started and Caryl told us her story of travelling to distant lands in search of she didn't know quite what and finding it in a faraway place and in the soul of a man she could not have expected.

After the reading she brought up everyone who had helped her get the book published and thanked them with a prayer shawl and a gift. It was a shower of gratitude and the splatters of appreciation rained down on all of us.

She ended the evening with this quote, asking each of us to remain aware of the wonders around us. To never forget that life is full of beauty.

Soon thereafter I joined the river of stones and I have found this to be an exciting and profound experience of remaining aware. I can't wait each day to see what stone will ding the windshield of my life and I am always delighted when it hits me.

I hope you will remain aware of the wonders around YOU this week!

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