Friday, July 8, 2011

Holding the Light

"...[T]here is no greater gift to give another than to hold for them a vision of their highest potential." 

--Kimberlee Gorgo 

The other day at yoga I was in the shower after class when I heard one woman say to another, "I can't believe you quit so early on."

At first I was horrified. How could someone say this to another person? Someone she came to yoga with? HER FRIEND presumably? 

Then I remembered, wait: I have BEEN that friend. 

Not directly maybe (I have never been that gutsy), but subtly, quietly, discreetly. I have made side comments and off the cuff remarks that have injured others and diminished their accomplishments or pointed out their weaknesses (sharing a poem I wrote in college about how I don't drink diet soda with an overweight friend holding a Diet Coke, regaling a fellow parent flush with the high of her first half-marathon with tales of my FULL marathon, I could go on....). I have begrudged another her success instead of celebrating it with her more often than I would care to admit. And I have kicked someone when they were down by pointing it out and commenting on it. 

I realized then that I had far more to gain from seeing this comment as a reminder from The Universe FOR ME rather than as an opportunity to judge another.

Later that week I was given the opportunity to test my new-found revelation: at a playdate with my son the mom was talking about her new business, this great opportunity she had to create the job she has always wanted. It would include travel and writing and opportunities for big bucks in the future. 

I found myself coming up with reasons it would never work: she doesn't have time for that, does she even know what she is talking about? She hasn't done this before how can this possibly work? 

And then I remembered to hold the light for her as I would want her to hold it for me. And I did.   

Who can you hold the light for this week? 

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